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The INDUSTRIOS ERP Manufacturing Suite

Over 400 discrete manufacturing firms run their business on the INDUSTRIOS ERP Manufacturing Suite. From capital equipment manufacturers to aerospace, automotive to teddy bears, INDUSTRIOS ERP was designed from the blueprint to address the growing needs of small and medium sized manufacturers. Over the years, INDUSTRIOS ERP has evolved into a robust, reliable, proven ERP software system whose functionality has been said to match and even exceed that of Tier 1 enterprise resource planning (ERP) manufacturing software systems, at a fraction of the investment. Manufacture Intelligently with INDUSTRIOS ERP.


INDUSTRIOS ERP with PlantGauge TM Manufacturing Intelligence Dashboard

Measure what you want to manage, and publish it in real time, to foster a culture of employee engagement and accountability. INDUSTRIOS ERP with PlantGauge TM helps get all your people working towards common company objectives.

Different modes for different folks

The INDUSTRIOS ERP Manufacturing Suite has functionality to support several manufacturing environments:


Make-to-project manufacturing

Make-to-order manufacturing

Configure-to-order manufacturing

Assemble-to-order manufacturing

Make-to-stock manufacturing

Mixed mode manufacturing


Hybrid ERP - The Best of Both Worlds

Why ask your accounting group to compromise? INDUSTRIOS Software has decades of experience writing proven robust and reliable integrations to financial software. Your operations staff benefits from the INDUSTRIOS depth and breadth of manufacturing functionality, and your accounting department has the security of running world class financial applications used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Or, if you are operating in a multi-tier IT environment, INDUSTRIOS ERP fits right into those subsidiaries or sister companies of yours who are too small to absorb a Tier 1 operations system.





Leone Fence Co. Ltd.

Joe Leone,
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
"With INDUSTRIOS inventory control we've been able to increase our customer satisfaction 40% by having the right inventory at the right time."