Discrete manufacturing operations is all we do

You know discrete manufacturing operations, and so do we, because it’s all we do. We live, breathe, walk, speak, eat and sleep discrete manufacturing operations. Not agriculture, healthcare, forestry, etc. One product. One focus. All day. Every day. At every implementation of INDUSTRIOS. Because focus drives excellence.

Defined by our customers

Our customers play a critical role in the development of INDUSTRIOS’ software. Each new implementation brings a new set of challenges, circumstances, environments; each one requiring a different approach. New functionality, where commercially viable, is embedded right into the standard product design. Your business problems are resolved without customization; your ability to stay current is optimized.

Actionable design

INDUSTRIOS is designed with ease of use and speed in mind. Many ERP systems can produce reports in a static format. Getting you data in an actionable format? Now that requires advanced design. And it puts you in the driver’s seat.

We play nice with others

With excellence in your operations, naturally you expect the same in other areas as well. To finance to handle treasury functions. See how INDUSTRIOS ERP integrates with QuickBooks, Sage 300cloud, and Oracle eBusiness Suite.