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There’s a surprising amount of variation in the field of discrete manufacturing. So much so, that the better we can categorize your business, the better we can customize the software that will drive it.


If you’ve ever pumped out what you thought was a completely unique order, only to receive another order for the same or very similar product, that’s make-to-order manufacturing.

How we can help
  • Providing quick quoting with accurate cost, price and delivery dates.
  • Allowing you to purchase materials directly to the MTO job.
  • Tracking actual costs with comparison to estimated cost during the production lifecycle.


With make-to-stock environments, items are produced according to a master production schedule and driven by a sales forecast.

How we can help
  • Managing stocking constraints.
  • Providing inventory analysis tools to ensure stocking constraints are set properly.
  • Incorporating multiple forecasts in planning and scheduling activities.


Ever find yourself juggling inventory for short lead times with the associated costs for doing just that? Textbook assemble-to-order manufacturing.

How we can help
  • Effectively managing minimum stocking levels for subassemblies and raw materials.
  • Allowing you to easily manage a master production schedule for stocked components and the requirements for the finished goods.
  • Enabling quick production delivery of assembled item.


Your customer can define the component make-up or configuration of a product based on pre-defined rules and options when the order is placed. It’s difficult to maintain predetermined finished goods inventory within this environment.

How we can help
  • Quickly providing accurate cost and pricing and delivery dates for the configuration.
  • Fast and seamless creation of an accurate BOM and routings for production.
  • Producing detailed sales order and invoice with desired features and options included.


As the demand for discrete manufacturing has grown, so has the need for custom solutions that are a hybrid of the aforementioned styles. INDUSTRIOS takes great pride in being able to provide expertise in not only their individual iterations, but each of their unique combinations.

How we can help
  • Providing flexibility to manage inventory requirements for individual items whether raw materials, subassemblies, or finished goods to meet all environmental needs.
  • Allowing you to bucket requirements to leverage volume purchasing discounts.
  • Producing jobs based on a production schedule or on the fly as required.


Make to project, or make to job site manufacturing, needs an intensely customized ERP that often determines both workflow and approvals. INDUSTRIOS will work with you to ensure integration across all touch points, so you spend your time working, instead of asking how to.

How we can help
  • Give you flexibility to quote with varying levels of detail
  • Complete manufacturing bill-of-material (BOM) with a shipping BOM, which contains all the loose parts and sub-assemblies that need to be shipped with a critical component.
  • The INDUSTRIOS ERP bin reservation facility allows pegging of components with long lead times. MRP is run with bin reservation taken into consideration.