PAAT (Project Assistance and Training)

If your staff has experience with ERP implementation software projects, then the Project Assistance and Training (PAAT) option is for you.

How it works

With PAAT, you take responsibility for the implementation of your INDUSTRIOS ERP system. INDUSTRIOS will train designated super users in a Train-the-Trainer approach.

INDUSTRIOS also provides basic project advisory services to assist you in constructing a plan that you will manage and execute.

Additional advisory services can be contracted on an as-needed basis, to help with setup decisions, workflow integration definitions and system piloting.

How do I know if this is right for us?

These types of projects differ from many other project types in their complexity. In many environments, workflow integrated transactions have cross-functional implications requiring involvement from multiple departments. Additionally, many setup and/or workflow decisions have both operational and financial implications.

An organization selecting the PAAT implementation option needs to have staff that understand the high-level business issues, have a solid understanding of operational, finance and technical issues, strong communication skills, good issue resolution processes, and high availability for the duration of the project.

But the best way to know if this is the right option for you is to give us a call.

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