Gaining an Edge in Experiential Design and Fabrication

Experiential design is very much an art, but the time has come to add some science.

Here's How

01 Project 101

Experience is key, but data is paramount

Your company still operates using the same fundamental principles as any other business, and even though it isn’t mass-producing parts, there are plenty of ways you can apply cost saving techniques used in the traditional fabrication and manufacturing sectors.

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02 Supply Integration

Procurement can be a source of significant savings and a competitive advantage

A well-specified ERP with the ability to handle purchasing and production from a disciplined project management perspective can be your company’s secret weapon.

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03 Labor Integration

Integrate workforce and time management with accounting

For project-focused work flows, multiple modes of employee time tracking are an important feature of any ERP. Track time and attendance to a project in real time on the shop floor, or use traditional time sheet reporting, or both.

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04 Fulfillment Integration

Order fulfillment is complex and creates numerous challenges

Varied products, multiple destinations and third-party receivers at conference locations all add potential pain points, unless you’ve selected the right ERP for the job.

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05 Project Accounting

Accurate costing for raw material, work-in-progress (WIP) and sub-assemblies, finished goods, or project cost should always part of the ERP equation.

Trust your Numbers

06 Single Source
of Truth

A well-implemented ERP can be the most powerful analysis and forecasting tool at your disposal

A central view of actions, milestones and lists of the internal and external personnel who contributed to the project means using ERP as an analytics and forecasting engine not only shaves costs from each project, but defines the types of projects you do the best.

Data, done right

07 Keep it simple…or Complex

The experiential design world needs more than a one-size-fits-all solution

Traditional fabricators have it easier. They can choose an ERP that does the one thing they need well. But that won’t work for experiential designers, which perform all sorts of tasks and functions — sometimes only once.

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