The INDUSTRIOS EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) functionality provides the capabilities to exchange a variety of information critical to the planning cycle, including streamlining order management, shipment tracking, and payment processing.

  • Easily control how data is transferred through translation tables already built into INDUSTRIOS.
  • Define your trading partners in INDUSTRIOS, and have the benefit of seamless EDI automation for Sales Orders, Advance Ship Notices, Invoices, and MRP Forecasts.
  • Post a shipment that will automatically check if the customer requires an advanced ship notice, and stage the transmission accordingly. Post an invoice that will automatically perform the same system check.
  • Ensure accuracy and timely data exchange since staff no longer needs to manually record these requests for specific customers.
  • Send and receive business documents using the traditional ANSI-X.12 and UN-EDIFACT standards, comma delimited text files, or use the emerging XML document standards.