Let's get something out of the way...

INDUSTRIOS ERP software isn't for insurance or lumber companies. It's for discrete manufacturers only. That means every line of code and every single module was created to help you overcome and manage the specific challenges of manufacturing. INDUSTRIOS was designed to take all aspects of your operation and give you the information you need when you need it to help you manufacture intelligently.

So, what do you need?

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory and gain better control than ever before with the tight, seamless integration that the INDUSTRIOS inventory module delivers.

Production management

Manage the entire production process and ensure a seamless flow of information between departments with the INDUSTRIOS Production Management and Scheduling suite.

Material Planning & Procurement

Quickly and easily identify shortfalls, create realistic material requirement plans, and manage supplier relationships while lowering costs.

Time Card Management

Streamline your time cards, eliminate duplicate data entry, and have a complete historical time card record, including regular time, overtime, and vacation time — all in one place.

Sales Management

Give your sales team the tools they need to deliver on promises with the INDUSTRIOS Sales Management suite, a complete customer side CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Manufacturing CRM

Deliver excellent customer service from the moment you engage a new prospect to after you've sold your products.

Mobile Transactions

Record transactions when they happen and automate material, inventory, production and shipping transactions.


Control, define and ensure accuracy with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). That means streamlining order management, shipment tracking and payment processing.

Project Manufacturing

Track work in progress, perform detailed percentage of completion analysis, what-if scenarios, dynamic queries, and exports to spreadsheets.