Inventory needs to be there when you need it, and it needs to turn. Quickly. Time-phased material planning ensures this. A deep BOM (Bill of Material), attached to routing sequence, ensures you have the flexibility to order only on shop floor need. After all, why order now what the floor needs 6 months from now, if the lead time is a few weeks, and no financial justification for early stocking exists?

Plan purchasing for multiple demand sources, whether you engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, forecast, or a combination.

With the INDUSTRIOS Inventory module, you’ll have the tools a discrete manufacturer needs to manage inventory and gain control.

Inventory Control Software

Once you know what you need, act on it. Easily. INDUSTRIOS has a workbench view of requirements; lead times by vendors, alternate vendors, and alternate part numbers. Order only bare minimum, or take advantage of EOQ (Economic Order Quantity). What else could a vendor send you? It’s all there, at your fingertips.

Advanced features help: multiple locations, bin management, bin reservation, multiple unit of measure; stocking, selling, purchasing; conversions for these.

Inventory Transaction Processing

When Inventory is consumed, or allocated, or moves in any way, purchasing needs to know. Easily record movements, when it’s material to do so (pun intended).

Flexibility is key, too. Don’t need to track each bolt? Backflush at sequence end or job close. Jobs are only a few hours long? Pull material at job end, manually or by scanning. Jobs take months? Pull material as consumed. And yes, you can track serial numbers and lots.

Inventory Valuation and Job Costing

Your profitability depends on accurate costing. So when inventory moves, Finance needs to know. Accurate costing on raw material, WIP and sub-assemblies, finished good, or project cost, is always part of the equation.

Cost adjustments arising throughout the purchasing and production cycles can have an impact on subsequent cost and pricing. INDUSTRIOS is designed to ensure that these adjustments flow back to inventory related costs.

Inventory Analysis

INDUSTRIOS has some of the most powerful analysis tools available on the market for manufacturers, including Purchase Price Analysis, Manufacturing Cost Analysis, and Inventory Activity Analysis. Through the use of user-defined tables, inventory can be classified into groupings that make it easy to analyze and verify transactions.

Physical Inventory Counts

Reduce time and increase the level of accuracy with the INDUSTRIOS Physical Inventory Module. No more spreadsheets and no more manual tracking of count tags.