The INDUSTRIOS Material Planning and Procurement suite represents a group of modules dedicated to managing the procurement process from purchasing to processing supplier invoices.

Your material planning and purchasing teams will be able to quickly and easily identify inventory shortfalls, create realistic material requirement plans, and manage supplier relationships while lowering costs.

Vendor Management

Designed to assist you in managing relationships with your vendors by improving how you classify vendors, review transactions, and monitor and manage communications, the INDUSTRIOS Vendor Management (VM) module will ensure your vendors are meeting their commitments and delivering high-quality products and services at the lowest possible cost.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Complete online material requirements analysis so you can create your purchasing plans, deal more effectively with scheduling conflicts, and ensure that materials and services are delivered on-time, and according to specifications and cost estimates.


The INDUSTRIOS Purchase Planning Workbench is designed to provide your procurement team with vendor account, pricing, and item requirements information needed to manage material plans and inventory commitments effectively.

Purchase Price Analysis

This powerful analysis tool enables you to perform a quick and easy review of purchase prices, set new standard costs or benchmark costs, update the system automatically with new values, and in standard cost environments revalue the inventory using the new standard cost.


The INDUSTRIOS Receiving module provides a simple yet dynamic workbench where goods received can be reported to inventory, or directly against production orders. Integration with the Purchase Order module ensures that only goods and services supported by an approved purchase order can be processed.

Receiving Inspection

The INDUSTRIOS Receiving Inspection module provides the quality team a simple yet dynamic workbench where goods subject to inspection can be reviewed before being reported to inventory, or charged against production orders.

Vouchers & Debit Memos

The Voucher and Debit Memo Workbench is designed with complete integration to the Purchase Order, Receiving, Receiving Inspection, and Accrued Receipts Workbenches, as well as Sage 300 ERP Accounts Payable. Vouchers can be automatically generated from receipts, and purchase order and receiving details can be reviewed within the Voucher Workbench. The audit trail from purchase order to voucher can be accessed from any of the procurement screens.