Many large organizations will have corporate IT strategies based on Tier 1 ERP suites. The approach works well for large divisions, but what about for smaller divisions or subsidiaries? What if the overhead of absorbing a Tier 1 implementation threatens to smother them?

On point implementation

Rather than shoehorning a Tier 1 ERP suite into smaller subs, companies have the option of implementing a point solution like INDUSTRIOS ERP.

INDUSTRIOS has Tier 1 functionality, can be implemented in 90 days, and leaves a smaller footprint than the Corporate Tier 1 solution might.

Integrating INDUSTRIOS to Oracle E-Business Suite allows smaller subs to run their operations on a nimble platform, with relevant transactions transferred to Oracle Financials to perform treasury functions, and comply with Corporate reporting requirements.

Agility, control, conformity—with INDUSTRIOS and Oracle E-Business Suite.