PlantChat gives PlantCare Titanium plan customers access to our industry-leading Customer Service Group.

Here's how it works: You select a 15 or 60-minute online appointment from the available time slots listed in the drop-down menu below.

PlantChat was created to complement the existing service of the INDUSTRIOS Support desk which involves the logging of calls from customers who have technical support questions. With PlantChat, INDUSTRIOS customers can now access training resources that address questions beyond typical technical support, but narrower in scope than full-fledged training sessions.

Gather your questions

To help us select the best resource, be as precise as possible when describing the nature of your support needs.

Book your appointment

Click the form to the left and fill out the appointment booking form. Watch our short video below for some appointment-booking tips.

Grab a coffee and let’s chat

We may contact you to obtain additional information about your request, such as supporting documents or reports.

The lead time for an online appointment is two days for 15-minute appointments and one week for 60-minute appointments.