Business growth, fuelled by data

INDUSTRIOS ERP with PlantGauge helps get all your people working towards common objectives.

With PlantGauge, your data can be analyzed, presented and published to direct staff to focus on your plant objectives. You’ll measure what you want to manage, publish it in real time, and help foster a culture of employee engagement and accountability.

Out of the Box

Sales and Shipping
Publish your sales data to draw attention to performance on KPIs such as Late Shipments this week, New Orders, Unshipped Late Orders and more.

Purchasing and Inventory
Highlight Purchase Orders to expedite, Unfilled Purchase Orders or Items Below Minimum Stock.

Human Resources
Highlight Late Clock-Ins, Early Clock-Outs or number of Time Cards to approve.

Production and Scheduling
Track KPIs such as Work Utilization, Late In Process Orders or Released Orders scheduled.

Take a closer look
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