Even the simplest production plan is at the mercy of proper planning and scheduling. In order to meet your customer’s delivery date, your production and scheduling teams need access to material, labor, and equipment information to understand what resources need to be available, and when.

The INDUSTRIOS Production Management and Scheduling suite is dedicated to managing the production process from planning and scheduling, to production order control. With it, your production staff can be confident that the customer’s delivery schedule can be met.

Bill of Material & Routings

Create material bills and manufacturing or assembly routings with INDUSTRIOS Process Plans. This module defines the steps towards producing or assembling an item and managing the impact on costs when changes need to be made.

Production Orders

Connect production teams to the shop floor with INDUSTRIOS Production Order Control. With this module, production orders can be generated automatically, costs can be collected and reviewed, schedule status can be verified, and delivery dates to customers can be planned and monitored.

Data Collection

Record, track, and adjust time, materials, direct purchase orders and subcontract service transactions quickly and easily. It works with other software modules to update any changes across the board, satisfy minimum stocking requirements and make adjustments in schedules, inventory and production orders.

Production Planning and Scheduling

Balance your material, labor, and equipment investment to meet market demands. Designed with complete integration to our other Production Management Software modules, it will help you ship products on time, according to specifications, and within cost estimates.

Subcontract Services Management

The Subcontractor Workbench gives you a centralized control point for managing subcontracts so you’ll always know exactly where each components is, when you need to act and what the work will cost.

Shop Floor Tracking

The INDUSTRIOS Shop Floor Tracking features give you the capability to record, track, and adjust time and material transactions quickly and easily. With it, you can spend more time managing the shop by knowing exactly what’s happening on the floor.

Manufacturing Cost Analysis

Update prices at the push of a button with the INDUSTRIOS Manufacturing Cost Analysis functionality. Analyze material bills, routers, direct purchase orders, and sub contract costs for each manufactured item against the original plan. Get a clear picture of what it takes to manufacture your items and revalue your inventory.