Have you ever calculated how much time is consumed tracking employees hours, calculating overtime, holidays and vacations? It can be a full-time job.

INDUSTRIOS gives you the tools to streamline your time cards, eliminate duplicate data entry, and have a complete historical time card record including regular time, overtime, and vacation time all in one place.

Time Card Capture

With time cards captured automatically within INDUSTRIOS, you collect your employees' clock in and out times on the shop floor when your employees arrive and leave. Time card records flow automatically into Time Card Maintenance or Approval screens where they can be reviewed, modified and approved quickly and easily, then onto payroll. No data entry required.

Time Card Approval

INDUSTRIOS' Time Card Approval enables supervisors to review, correct and approve time card records. Your payroll staff are assured that time cards have been verified and corrected before they review them for processing. Supervisors and payroll staff save time, and employees benefit through accurate and timely payroll.

Time Card Maintenance and Review

With Time Card Maintenance you have a comprehensive overview of all your time card records readily accessible for you to review, modify and report from one screen. Reviewing time cards is quick and easy, and if you use it in conjunction with time card approvals, you can reduce your time card errors significantly.

Holiday and Vacation Calculation

The Holiday and Vacation Calculation within Time Card Management allows you to effortlessly create mass holiday and vacation time card entries so you can easily include holiday and vacation pay in your payroll. You define the rules and let the system do the rest.

Overtime Calculation

Provides a seamless automated process for calculating overtime and double overtime. Using the time card records collected for the pay period, the system calculates the applicable overtime records based on the rules you define and automatically creates the overtime or double overtime records.

Time Card Interface to Payroll

With the Time Tracking Integration with Payroll, save time and say goodbye to days of duplicate data entry and payroll mistakes. With integration to your payroll system of choice, your time card records including regular time, overtime, holiday and vacation pay, flow to your payroll system quickly, easily and accurately.

Time Card Reporting

With the reporting supplied in INDUSTRIOS Time Card Management, you’ll quickly and easily see regular, overtime and double overtime hours, and adjusted clock in and out times.