INDUSTRIOS Project Manufacturing integrates with Distribution and Manufacturing suites, all the way down to General Ledger.

Ideally suited for organizations with manufacturing jobs that end at the customer plant or installation site or require a method to collect costs, manage purchase commitments and monitor budgets to support internal projects.

You can track work-in-progress; perform detailed percentage of completion analysis, what-if scenarios, dynamic queries, and exports to spreadsheets.

Project Manufacturing Features

  • Full integration with Shop Floor Tracking, Procurement, Sales Order Fulfillment, Inventory Control
  • Ability to calculate percentage of completion based on Hours or Dollars
  • Flexible definition of total costs (exclude or include commitments in total costs)
  • Generation of journal entries to support the revenue recognition and costs for the period
  • Material, Task, Direct Purchase and Subcontract identifiers to support GL integration
  • Real time visibility to project expenses, PO commitments, time and invoicing
  • Multi-Element budget definition and analysis tools
  • Dynamic query screens to support status verification and reporting
  • Project templates to support various data collection requirements
  • Project type definition supports status flow definitions and key defaults
  • Integration to MS Excel for data extracts
  • Also supports a variety of project types such as; marketing, product development, capital, R&D

The time we save working on new projects based on having real data from previous process plans or production jobs allows us to reduce time spent in the design of the job, and track costs much more closely.

Karen Surdyk

Executive Vice President,

Universal Stenciling and Marketing Systems