Does "light manufacturing" feel like an excuse for a lack of breadth and depth? Go beyond basics with INDUSTRIOS’ flexible ERP manufacturing software.

INDUSTRIOS is designed to give discrete manufacturers exactly what they need, from order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, plan-to-production, and inventory control and cost. All smoothly integrated to QuickBooks desktop for treasury functions, like financial statements, payments and cash receipts.

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Precise Quoting

Quote for resale, to-order, from scratch, based on previous job, or "same as but different.” Reduce time required to produce quotes, and win more profitable quotes. For rules-based quoting, a Product Configurator is available.

Winning Profitability

Having the right tools means you can base your quotes on accurate costing, get more quotes out faster, then track and follow up. Win more profitable orders. It all adds up.

Clairvoyant Planning

Clairvoyant, adj.: Beyond the range of ordinary perception. Group your orders, aggregate requirements, plan your schedule, adjust the window, play what-if, then release.

Mindful Purchasing

Purchase material, inventory, subcontract services, direct purchase and non-inventory items. Get MRP to suggest what to buy, within flexible planning windows. Optimize to bring each vendor’s policies into play, and keep them accountable. The tools are all there. Simple. Effective. Mindful.

Stock, Controlled

Have enough stock to produce on time, without excess. Locate it easily. Use bins, or not. Serial or lot. Move it around. Use stock, track it, change its nature and stock it again, or ship it. All with clear visibility.

Timely Receiving

Purchasing and production need to be in sync. Like an orchestra. We call this time-phased material planning. Buy what the floor needs, when required. Lead times, minimum stock — all of it is handled.

Agile Scheduling

Your work centers are defined, jobs have routings, the production schedule is loaded, and purchasing was done with production needs in mind. What could possibly go wrong? Machine breakdowns. Employee absenteeism. Shifting priorities. Unexpected jobs. With the right tools, adjust demand, run what-if reports, and reload the schedule when you like what you see.

Swift Throughput

With a clear schedule and handy floor tracking tools, jobs move through their designated work centers with ease and clarity. If unforeseen circumstances occur (not that this would ever happen to you), you have the tools to adjust easily. The end-result? Increased throughput, from start to finish.

Now Tracking

Start, pause, resume, close jobs. Record labor. Account for overhead. Pull material when required. Sending parts to subcontractors? No problem. If it’s happening now, you’re tracking.

Tailored Plans

The INDUSTRIOS Process Plan combines Bill of Materials (BOM) with routing sequences. A powerful combo. Create a simple BOM with 1 sequence to facilitate adoption; or multi-level BOM with multiple sequences that supports time-phased material planning.

Accurate Costing

Units of measure conversions, variable labor rates, work center overhead rates. Currencies. Standard, FIFO, average, actual. Landed costs and post-use adjustments. They all combine to track costs. Precisely. Accurately. Consistently.

Punctual Shipping

Match open orders with finished goods, completely or partially, pick, pack, track back-orders, and get your paperwork in ship shape. See work-in-process, then focus resources on the most favorable outcomes. Ship, post, invoice, repeat.

Zen Servicing

Handle customer requests in the present moment. From one screen, see jobs in progress, expected completion dates, shipping status, items owned, invoices, payments, warranty and serial information, service work orders, and their status. Don’t run around the shop, sit there. Ommmmm.

Resourceful Humans

Track everyone’s time, direct and indirect, applied to jobs for costing, manage rates, review; handle overtime, approvals, vacation and holidays, with an option to push to payroll. Resourceful indeed.

Exceptional Reacting

A famous boxer once said: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Manufacturing plants get punched in the face every day, and deviations from plan occur. Recover from exceptions with grace using PlantGauge and the action center, with views on key performance indicators, and action items like reminders, appointments, approvals, notifications and status reports, all actionable. Nice counterpunch!