Your customers expect you to know who they are, the status of their orders, be able to prepare quotes quickly and accurately, process shipments according to delivery schedules, and react quickly to nonconforming items.

Your future business depends on the service your customers receive today.

The INDUSTRIOS Sales Management suite is a complete customer side CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that will give you the tools you need to service your customers.

Customer Management (CM)

A total business solution that offers all the key components of sales management. And managing customer information from a single source means there is no switching between applications to view inventory levels, production status, create quotes or sales orders, and manage customer balances.

Quoting & Estimating

Allows for quick preparation of quotations for standard, configured or custom items. The integration to the operations and customer management (CM) modules provides the estimating staff with the information they need to move quotes to customer orders quickly, and into production.

Product Configuration Software

The INDUSTRIOS ERP Product Configuration software fully integrates with the Quoting Workbench, and asks simple questions needed to configure your customer's product. A rules-based product configuration software tool, it only presents you with the available, compatible options.

Sales Order Entry Software

Designed to assist you in managing the orders you receive from your customers by improving how you are able to classify the orders, review shipping and invoice transactions, as well as monitor and manage communications about the order.


The INDUSTRIOS Shipping module provides you with complete online shipping requirements analysis so you can create your shipment plans, deal more effectively with conflicts, prepare shipping documentation, and ensure that your customers receive their products on time.

Invoicing & Credit Memos

Invoicing within INDUSTRIOS is designed with integration from sales order through to shipping and accounts receivable in Sage 300 ERP, providing a clear view of what was shipped, what needs to be invoiced, and an opportunity to confirm quantities, prices, and miscellaneous charges before issuing the invoice.