Nobody should compromise

Here's the reality of the situation: Discrete manufacturing firms need other applications to run business processes, such as electronic commerce, CAD, finance, payroll, quality management, and logistics. And they should be able to do so, without compromising quality.

A Jack is ok...

But it's not an Ace. Many single-source software providers try to be a Jack of all trades —everything to everyone. Sure, a Jack is ok, but with INDUSTRIOS' best-in-class design, you get Aces. Want to use AutoCAD with INDUSTRIOS? Done. Sage 300 cloud? No problem.

No need to break up

Manufacturers don't write checks any differently than the rest of the business world. General Ledgers have Income Statements and Balance Sheets in all industries. The accounts may differ, but income and expenses are still part of the income statement, and assets and liabilities are a part of the balance sheet. These facts don't change.

A Best-in-Class approach lets you benefit from industry leading Applications. No compromises.